Criminalization project and SCCJR Collaboration

Meeting to be held between SCCJR and academics involved in the criminalization project (see The meeting has been arranged as an opportunity to share information about our research and to explore the potential for collaboration. The session will begin with all attendees briefly describing their current work and areas of interest then as a group we’ll explore possible collaborations.

The meeting will be held on Mon 23 Feb, 1pm, Court Room (Cottrell Building) at University of Stirling. For maps see

Attendees at the meeting will include the lead researchers from the Criminalization project – Antony Duff (Philosophy, Stirling), Lindsay Farmer (Law, Glasgow), Victor Tadros (Law, Warwick) and Sandra Marshall (Philosophy, Stirling).

If you have not already confirmed attendance please let Claire Lightowler know if you are planning to come along –