Criminal Justice in Scotland: Current State and Future Directions

Following the publication in late 2010 of Criminal Justice in Scotland edited by Croall, Mooney and Munro (Willan/Routledge), The Open University in Scotland along with the International Centre for Comparative Criminological Research, Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University and CjScotland are hosting this Seminar to develop thinking around the key themes in the book, namely the relationships between crime, inequalities, criminal and social justice and the distinctiveness or otherwise of Scottish criminal justice. It seeks to provide an opportunity for informed debate and discussion about the current state of criminal justice in Scotland and its likely directions following the UK General Election of 2010 and more significantly the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2011. What are the strengths of criminal justice in Scotland? What are the main problems with it – and what changes are desirable – and achievable?

The number of places is strictly limited and reservations will be on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to attend this seminar, please email Jenny Robertson, Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University in Scotland: (Telephone: 0131 549 7180) by 14 January at the latest, stipulating name of person attending, name of institution or agency and email address (if different from reply address)