Crime Scene in a Ghost Town – The Atmospherics of Lockdown

Organised by the University of Melbourne 

The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to lockdowns being implemented around the world. In Victoria, the imposition of a State of Emergency has resulted in a series of regulations about physical distancing that insisted people ‘stay home, stay safe’ except for strict reasons specified by the government. This has had a profound impact both inside the home and outside in the streets; with cities from London to New York and Sydney being emptied of their usual crowds and described as ‘ghost towns’.

In this presentation, Professor Alison Young will reflect on how lockdowns have transformed space and how it is regulated. In conversation with Dr Bianca Fileborn, they will together consider what a city street looks and feels like without crowds, the shifting notions of ‘crime’ during the pandemic, and the consequences of how emergency powers have been implemented. These issues which lockdown has brought into focus have serious implications for our future uses of public space and for the ways in which we experience cities.

This event is free and you can register here.