Crime and the City

This is a one day symposium on “Crime and the City”.  The Centre for Criminological Research at the University of Sheffield, with support from the White Rose University Consortium, is hosting a one day symposium on “Crime and the City”.
This symposium will draw on and develop the themes of the current White Rose project which currently funds three studentships; covering Security, Diversity and Locality: Community perceptions of crime disorder and terror within everyday urbanism; Men and Violence: contextualising dangerousness in global cultural transformationsand Being Feared: Micro-dynamics of fear and insecurity in global city spaces. These are each criminology/criminal justice focused and themed around issues of community, identity, place, security, exclusion, violence, location, city, fear, gender, ethnicity and crime/disorder.
We are looking to broaden our network in this area and discuss and develop these themes, through a series of papers and discussions.
Registration Fee : £25 (includes Lunch)
Travel (within Yorkshire) and conference fee bursaries are available for the first 40 registrations from White Rose Institutions.
Register online: 1st December 2010)

Call for Papers
We welcome all papers, works in progress or research ideas/plans which focus on themes such as:
•Ethnography in the City
•Surveillance and cities
•Night-time Crime
•Fear and place
•Community policing
•Street crime
•Courts, crimes and cities: local justice
•Urban transitions
•Dangerous places
•Cities and criminal cultures
•Designing out crime
•Mapping city crime
•Representations in the Film and Media
•Gender in the City
•Research Methods

Abstracts to be submitted to by 3rd December 2010.