Crime and Justice Research Group Guest Seminar: Dr Ulrike M Vieten

The University of Stirling’s Faculty of Social Sciences Crime and Justice Research Group welcomes Dr Ulrike M Vieten, Research Fellow from Queen’s University, who will present on ‘Racism, sectarianism and newcomers: experiences of visible racial and ethnic minorities with community divisions and spatial conflict in Belfast

This presentation is based on a paper that introduces findings of a study on asylum seekers’ and refugees’ experiences of living in Northern Ireland. This study was conducted by Dr Vieten and Dr Fiona Murphy in 2016.  In total 47 asylum seekers and refugees were interviewed, coming from a wide range of ethno-national backgrounds and cultural-lingual skills.  Research participants equated sectarianism with racism when talking about housing, schooling and employment. Asylum seekers and refugees also described the ways in which the NI community conflict impacts on their everyday life experiences.

You are invited to attend the guest presentation . Tea and coffee will be provided – please feel free to bring your own lunch.

Please email (subject heading Crime and Justice Research Group Presentation) if you plan to attend.