Conference:New Agendas for Social Research

National Centre for Social Research: Informing Public Policy: New Agendas for Social Research

On the 23rd and 24th of April 2009 the LSE and the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) are hosting a conference entitled ‘Informing Public Policy: New Agendas for Social Research’. The conference examines the evolving relationship between social research and policy. Speakers include:

* Paul Wiles (Chief Scientific Advisor to the Home Office and Director of Research, Development and Statistics), * Howard Glennerster (Professor Emeritus of Social Administration at the LSE and Co-Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion), * Robert Walker (Professor of Social Policy, University of Oxford) and * Colm o’Muircheartaigh (Professor in the Harris School, University of Chicago, and Vice President for statistics and methodology in the National Opinion Research Center).

In addition to key-note speakers there are six parallel sessions, each of which focuses on specific substantive areas of empirical enquiry. The website conference is: One session is on ‘crime and criminal justice’. This session considers the intersection of social research and public policy in the area of crime and criminal justice. We welcome papers that cover, variously but not exclusively, experience of conducting research that seeks to inform policy, experience of using/guiding research to shed light on policy (for example, evaluation of interventions), and studies into policy-relevant criminological areas of enquiry.

Submissions should be sent to me at: The deadline for abstracts is 13th February, with decisions communicated on 28th February.