Changing Inequality in Exposure to Crime

Organised by Understanding Inequalities 

Chair: Professor Stephen Farrall (University of Derby)

Speakers: Professor Jon Bannister (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Professor Susan McVie (University of Edinburgh)

Discussant: Peter Langmead-Jones (Greater Manchester Police)

In recent years, crime has fallen across the UK, but inequality in exposure to crime has been rising. Some communities and social groups continue to be affected by high levels of crime. Whilst crime-related calls-for-service to the police have fallen, the police face increasing demands to meet vulnerabilities associated with public safety and welfare. The police are becoming the service of first, rather than of last, resort. This webinar will explore aspects of inequality in offending and victimisation and how this varies across people and place. It will deliver insights into some of the drivers of crime inequality and identify key lessons for policing policy and practice. The seminar will include the following topics:

  • The winners and losers of the crime drop – people and place
  • The suburbanisation of crime and offending
  • Mental ill-health related demands on policing
  • Knife crime, robbery and young people
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), poverty and problematic behaviour in childhood

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