Apex Scotland Annual Lecture – Dr Hannah Graham

Organised by Apex Scotland


Apex Scotland are delighted to invite Dr Hannah Graham, Senior Lecturer in Criminology in the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research at the University of Stirling and notable author and policy advisor, to give this year’s lecture.

Hannah will be well known to many of you as not only a knowledgeable and engaging speaker, but also as a champion of progressive justice thinking. Her lecture, which is entitled “Courage of Convictions: Progressive Visions and Allies in Uncertain Times”, will look at how emerging from the exceptional circumstances and adversity of the covid-19 crisis offers opportunities for doing justice differently.

Hannah writes, “Realising progressive visions and ‘building back better’ futures will require moral courage, political bravery and consensus-building amongst diverse allies. It will take mature civil debate and action to resist inequalities, fear and punitive populism. It will also necessitate grappling with contradictions in strategies and in the stories we tell about Scottish justice (criminal and social). For example, if we are to pursue the development of Scotland as a wellbeing economy (safe, just, humane), then we have to confront and address our status as a high punishment society”.

To register for the event please contact lynn.hannah@apexscotland.org.uk