Annual Ethnographies of Crime and Control Symposium: Glasgow

The 4th Annual Ethnographies of Crime and Control Symposium will take place at the Pearce Institute, Govan, Glasgow ~ 13-14 June

Ethnographies of crime, harm and control endure against a backdrop of constant challenge. In addition to age-old ethical dilemmas relating to trust, reciprocity and disclosure ethnography must now stand up to pressures of funding, relevance and impact. Longstanding challenges over scientific validity have been ramped up by urgent calls for interdisciplinarity, co-production and methodological pluralism. At the same time, the stability of place-based and longitudinal approaches have been unsettled as populations, cultures, and identities are forged on the move, out of time, in-between real and virtual environments.

It is against this backdrop that this symposium invites emerging and established ethnographers to share and discuss old and new ways of doing ethnography, whilst seeking out innovative conceptual, methodological, and practical responses to these challenges and opportunities. Through a combination of workshops, plenaries and parallel sessions, we seek to create space for honesty, reflection and debate as to how we might (re)imagine and recraft ethnographies of crime, harm and control both in and for the twenty-first century.

Abstract (150 words) should be submitted to by Friday 10th May, on one or more of the following themes:

1. The craft of ethnography:

Boundaries of ethnography – access and gatekeeping
Practice and pedagogy
Performing ethnography: backstage, frontstage, offstage
Personal and ethical dilemmas

2. Ethnography in the 21st century:

Mobile, liquid and ‘instant’ ethnography
Digital, virtual and hybrid approaches
Sensory methods
Changing temporalities and spaces

3. Recrafting ethnography:

Collaboration and co-production
Interdisciplinary dialogues
Doing and undoing ethnography
Ethnography beyond the Text

We welcome submissions of non-traditional formats.

Authors will be notified of successful proposals by 17 May. There will be spaces for non-presenting participants, and a small number of travel bursaries will be available.