Ageing in Scotland: Justice, Injustice & Protection

*This event is organised by Action on Elder Abuse Scotland 

‘Ageing in Scotland: Justice, Injustice & Protection’: How can we continue to make Scotland a just and safe place for older people?

Conference theme
Action on Elder Abuse wants to make the abuse of older people as socially unacceptable as child or animal abuse. We believe more needs to be done to raise awareness of the realities of the harm, abuse and exploitation of older people, and crucially, to ensure our response to the problem is given the priority it deserves. While good progress has been made in Scotland, we want to ensure that all agencies with a responsibility towards older people work together to ensure they are afforded the same respect, support and protection as other groups.

This year’s conference will therefore consider:

society’s perception of older people in modern Scotland, and the ways in which support structures reflect the unique dynamics of older age in relation to harm, abuse and exploitation
the effectiveness of the criminal justice system and other support frameworks in responding to elder abuse, and supporting older people to access justice
how best to empower those older people who find it difficult to speak up.

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