SCCJR is a partnership of four universities (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Strathclyde) working in alliance with individuals and groups in several other Scottish higher education institutions. The University of Glasgow is the administrative base of SCCJR.

SCCJR’s organisational structure consists of a Management Committee, and a Board of Governance.

SCCJR Management Committee

The Management Committee consists of the Centre Director and each of the Associate Directors from the partner institutions as well as a representative from our Early Career Researcher group. The Management Committee provides overall co-ordination of SCCJR’s research programme; agrees SCCJR strategies; ensures appropriate governance arrangements are in place; monitors progress; and oversees the financial arrangements. It coordinates and carries out the strategic activities agreed for the year  via particular groupings of Associate Directors working in collaboration with other SCCJR colleagues.



Dr Alistair Fraser (University of Glasgow)

Associate Directors

Prof Fergus McNeill (University of Glasgow)
Dr Julie Berg (University of Glasgow)
Prof Richard Sparks (University of Edinburgh)
Dr Steve Kirkwood (University of Edinburgh)
Dr Niall Hamilton-Smith (University of Stirling)
Prof Margaret Malloch (University of Stirling)
Prof Laura Piacentini (University of Strathclyde)
Dr Beth Weaver (University of Strathclyde)

SCCJR Board of Governance

The Board of Governance meets annually to review the activity and expenditure of the Centre . It consists of the Vice Principals or Deans of Research from each of the partner institutions.

Founding Co-Directors

Prof Michele Burman (University of Glasgow)
Prof Richard Sparks (University of Edinburgh)
Prof Gill McIvor (University of Stirling)