This webinar is the first of a series of bi-monthly webinars entitled Security and Justice Futures which aim to confront the dilemmas, re-imaginings and futures of security and justice from a cross-regional perspective. Drawing from a range of speakers from north and south contexts, the series seeks to engage with both academic and practitioner audiences to encourage a mutual dialogue on the futures of security and justice in diverse contexts.

The focus of this first webinar, chaired by Dr Julie Berg, Director of SCCJR, will include talks from Dr Mutuma Ruteere and Professor Jennifer Wood, who consider the challenges and future directions of the police/policing in diverse contexts faced with new and emerging harmscapes.

Speaker: Dr Mutuma Ruteere, ‘Where Does Policing Go From Here? Dilemmas of Policing in Africa’.

Speaker: Professor Jennifer Wood, ‘The Shifting Harmscapes of Policing: Reflections on the Police Idea’