What makes good academic writing? How can we become our own best editors? Join us for this session with Letta Page.

Letta Page is the former senior editor of Contexts magazine, which is the American Sociological Association’s public engagement journal. She now works as an academic editor, helping authors refine, finesse and clarify their writing and hone their overall arguments. Page will reflect upon what makes academic work engaging, readable and compelling, and show us how can we escape the jargon jungle.

Mostly though, this is a time for discussion, for questions and getting support. So, bring your writing worries, no issue will be too small or trivial and let our Academic Agony Aunt advise you.

This session will be especially useful for ECRs and PhD students. With this in mind, Letta Page will also take questions from attendees in advance. If you have questions please submit to Louise Brangan: Louise.Brangan@strath.ac.uk