Sensory Penalities: Exploring the senses in spaces of Punishment and Social Control

We are delighted to welcome Dr Kate Herrity, University of Cambridge, Dr Bethany Schmidt, University of Cambridge and Dr Jason Warr, De Montfort University, to start our SCCJR Seminar series for 2021.

Abstract: This SCCJR Seminar will introduce and reflect on an ambitious and creative new text, Sensory Penalities. The collection reflects an explosion in explorations of the sensory and disrupts conventional expectations of both form and focus by expanding anthropological practices and craft into the field of criminology and criminological research.

In providing accounts of the physical/sensorial within sites of surveillance and control, the book brings elements of research (often absent from existing work) to the fore; the impressions and sensual experiences which remain forever in field notes. In so doing they carve out spaces to consider these places and the ways in which they are theorised anew.