The SCCJR are excited to announce the rescheduled date for our first in-person Knowledge Exchange training session for PGRs and ECRs: Exploring zine-making as a creative participatory approach to research and knowledge exchange.

This workshop will take place on Monday 30th May from 9am-1.30pm at the University of Glasgow, Saint Andrews Building, Room 224.

What will the workshop involved?

Zines are small DIY booklets or magazines and making them requires no creative or specialist skills – just about anyone can make a zine. This workshop will introduce zine-making as creative and participatory research method. Drawing on Mindy and Lisa’s work facilitating zine-making, together we will explore the power of zines in research and knowledge exchange. Through participating in the workshop, you will gain hands-on experience of zine making as method, introducing zines as media for agency and resistance and as canvasses for self-expression through and beyond words.

This session will be facilitated by Dr Lisa Bradley and Mindy Ptolomey, University of Glasgow.