Whiteness, Racism and Race: Questions for Decolonising Criminology

Dr Rod Earle, Senior Lecturer in Youth Justice, The Open University


The conventional wisdom and practice within criminology is to present race as a discredited artefact around which only a variety of somewhat arcane controversies stubbornly linger. White visions of race have tended to ‘see’ it as a parallel structure, an historical and conceptual anomaly, rather than one that is dynamically inter-connected and thus mutually formative of contemporary political subjectivities, allegiances and structures.

Building on work and practice developed with Alpa Parmar and Coretta Phillips, I ask what an engagement with critical studies of whiteness can contribute to decolonising criminology and promoting social justice.

* This talk is a product of a collective and critical endeavour from Rod Earle, Alpa Parmar and Coretta Phillips. While neither Alpa nor Coretta could unfortunately make it, this address is a reflection of their collaboration.