Depatriarchalising prison in the Global South: Reflections through research in a women’s prison in Peru

Dr. Lucia Bracco, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP)


Research about prisons in the Global South has started to analyse the power dynamics between prison staff and prisoners, but it has focused mainly on men’s prisons. In this workshop, following decolonial and feminist scholars, and based on the empirical data produced during an ethnography in Santa Mónica, a women’s prison in Lima, Perú, the aim is to reflect about the intersection of governance and gender, contributing to the decolonisation and depatriarchalising of prison studies.

Those attending the workshop may be interested to read Lucia’s chapter in the book “Prisons, Inmates and Governance in Latin America” edited by Professor Máximo Sozzo.

Photo: Jeison Higuita, Unsplash