Dr Yarin Eski

Assistant Professor of Public Administration

Vrije Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam)


Yarin completed his PhD – ‘The Port Securityscape: an Ethnocriminology’ – in 2015. His project researched, interdisciplinarily, everyday lives of port policing and security personnel who construct security in the transnational spaces of Nort Western European seaports. He analysed social realms of port security to shed light on how workers control and eliminate transnational insecurities at national seaport borders. This work contributed to a critical engagement within the prioritised theorisation of the globalised security society and of security consumerism.

Keywords: Criminology; Port Security; Transnational Spaces


Y. Eski and A. Carpenter (2013) ‘Policing in EU Seaports: Impact of the ISPS Code on Port Security Post 9/11’ in M. O’Neill, K. Swinton and A. Winter (eds) New Challenges for the EU Internal Security Strategy. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Y. Eski (2012) ‘Cultures and People of the Post 9-11 Port Securityscape’ in International Journal of Criminology & Sociological Theory, 5(3).

Eski, Y. (2011) ‘‘Port of Call’: Towards a Criminology of Port Security’ in Criminology & Criminal Justice: an International Journal , 11, 5, 415-431. Abstract

Eski, Y., McGuinness, P. and Burman, M. (2011) Changes to Scotland’s Criminal Justice System Post-Devolution: Main legislative developments, major reviews of policy and procedure, and the introduction of ‘new’ bodies. Audit Scotland.

Eski, Y and Armstrong, S. (2011) Scottish Crime, Punishment and Justice Cost Trends in Comparative Context. Audit Scotland.

Eski, Y. (2010) Book review: Mireille Hildebrandt, Abiola Makinwa and Anna Oehmichen (eds), Controlling Security in a Culture of Fear (2009) in Probation Journal, 57, 4, 426-428.

Eski, Y. (2009) ‘Globale Verdamnung und Individuelle Repräsentation: Der Emostyle niederländischer Jugendlicher’ in Martin Büsser, Jonas Engelmann and Ingo Rüdiger (eds) Emo: Porträt einer Szene (2009), 81-93. Mainz: Ventil Verlag.



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Vrije Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam)

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