Ulku Baturoglu Balci

Phd Student

University of Glasgow


Working Title of PhD: Constituting Violence: Women’s Experiences of Violence in Rural Scotland

Year commenced PhD study: 2020

Institution/Organisation: University of Glasgow

Funding Source: The Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education

Full or part-time: Full-time

PhD Supervisors: Professor Michele Burman and Dr Oona Brooks-Hay

Synopsis of PhD:

Rural crime is still one of the least studied phenomena in critical criminology (Donnermeyer, 2007; Donnermeyer and DeKeseredey, 2008; DeKeseredy, 2015). Within this limited interest, there is a gaping hole of understanding gender-based violence in rural Scotland, although studies focusing on violence against women dominates rural feminist criminological studies (Rennison and DeKeseredy, 2018). The research aims to understand how women experience and negotiate gender-based violence within the social, cultural and spatial context of rural localities, thereby contribute to filling the gap in rural criminology literature in Scotland and to the growing literature of rural feminist criminology studies.

From a feminist perspective, this research also aims to attempt to criticise epistemologies, ontologies and methodologies of orthodox modernist approaches that essentialise, rationalise and universalise women and ignore women’s subjectivities by focusing on positions and specificities of subjectivities of women.

Parallel with the theoretical, epistemological and ontological concerns of this research; feminist methodology provides the methodological basis of this study, and the research design of the research is based on qualitative research methods that enable adopting a reflexive approach and women to speak about their experiences with their own voices.


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University of Glasgow

Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research
Ivy Lodge
63 Gibson Street
G12 8LR


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