Tilman Schwarze

PhD Student

University of St Andrews


I started to be interested in topics regarding crime and criminal justice during my Bachelor degree in Politics. For example, I analysed the Mérida Initiative for fighting organised crime in Mexico and Central America as an example of a Security Governance Arrangement in my Bachelor dissertation, examining whether this initiative promotes the incorporation of non-state actors in the implementation of security mechanisms throughout this region. During my MLitt in International Security, I focused on the role of identity formation and social capital within street gangs. In my MLitt dissertation, I examined the role of social capital over the life course of gang membership (onset, persistence, and desistance), and whether each of these steps is influenced by the ability to generate social capital. The working title of my PhD project is: The Spatiality of Capitalism and Street Gangs in a Post-Industrial City. My PhD project forms part of a scholarship that examines the relationship between processes of globalisation, neoliberal capitalism and the formation of street gangs. I argue that one way for analysing such relationships is to incorporate a critical perspective on the way neoliberal capitalism transforms and marginalises the social space of neighbourhoods in which street gangs exist. In my analysis of such processes, I focus on neighbourhoods from Chicago’s South Side.



University of St Andrews

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