Shane Horgan

PhD Student


Working Title of PhD: Disentangling ‘Cyberfears’: Exploring public sensibilities towards the digital dimensions of crime and disorder

Year commenced PhD study: 2013
Institution: University of Edinburgh
Full or part-time: Full-time
PhD Supervisors: Dr Richard Jones,Professor Richard Sparks

Synopsis: This project is concerned with exploring the nature of people’s perceptions of crime and disorder in the online world and how this figures into everyday experience. By utilizing the conceptual legacy left in the wake of terrestrial ‘fear of crime’ research, this project will use innovative qualitative methods to explore the nature of perceptions of crime and disorder online, highlight areas where existing frameworks lose analytical purchase and develop a more comprehensive and forward looking understanding of how crime and disorder online figures into the everyday lives of people in the City of Edinburgh.

Keywords:Fear of Crime, Cybercrime, Internet



School of Law
University of Edinburgh
Old College, South Bridge

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