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Sarah Anderson is a Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of the West of Scotland. She has recently completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow, looking at the relationship between recovery from trauma and desistance from crime in men. She has published on desistance, drugs, trauma, stigma and multiple exclusion homelessness. Her 2016 article, The value of ‘bearing witness’ to desistance, won the Probation Journal’s prize for their best paper of 2016. Prior to starting her PhD she worked as Director of Research & Development at the criminal justice charity, Revolving Doors, working on NHS England’s Health and Justice Liaison and Diversion Development Network. She has also worked in prisons for the charity St Giles Trust, and she is a Churchill Fellow.


Relevant publications:

Schinkel, M., Atkinson, C. and Anderson, S. (2018) Well-Kent Faces’: Policing Persistent Offenders and the Possibilities for Desistance. British Journal of Criminology.

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Anderson, S. (2016) The value of ‘bearing witness’ to desistance, Probation Journal. Vol 63 (4), pp. 408-424 [open access version] *WINNER of Probation Journal Best Paper Prize 2016

Van Roeyen, S., Anderson, S. and Vanderplasschen, W. (2016) Desistance in drug-using offenders: A narrative review . European Journal of Criminology.

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Anderson, S., Dickie, E., and Parker, C. (2013) Street Talk: An evaluation of a counselling service for women involved in street based prostitution and victims of trafficking. London: Revolving Doors. Available: http://www.revolving-doors.org.uk/file/1822/download?token=EuWC1iH3)

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Anderson, S. (2011) Complex Responses: Understanding poor frontline responses to adults with multiple needs. London: Revolving Doors Agency. Available: http://www.revolving-doors.org.uk/file/1796/download?token=pZa0cCm3

Anderson, S. (2011) ‘A way through the woods: opening pathways to mental health care for women with multiple needs.’ Advances in Dual Diagnosis. Vol 6(3), pp. 132-144


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