Sara Skott


Working Title of PhD: The Relationship between Homicide and Serious Violence in Scotland

Year commenced PhD study:  2014

Institution/Organisation: University of Edinburgh

Funding Source:  AQMeN Scholarship

Full or part-time: Full time

PhD Supervisors: Professor Susan McVie and Dr Paul Norris.


The overall aim of the following study is to examine patterns and trends in violent crime over time in Scotland and to determine some of the causal factors, at both the individual and community level, that may help to explain persistently high rates of violence. Since homicide is a very serious and costly offence, it is important to conduct further research on this issue in order to keep Scotland safe. It is also relevant to examine the patterns and key characteristics of homicide in order to explain this violent criminality. If this form of extreme violence was examined more closely, perhaps the findings would help prevent future acts of homicide. Similarly, the study of various characteristics in youth that could lead to the development of criminal careers would be highly relevant for crime management in Scotland. This research would consequently not only help prevent future crime, but increase the safety of Scotland at large. The research will be analysed with a quantitative approach, with sophisticated statistical techniques such as trajectory modelling and latent class analysis. Particular focus will be on examining the trends and patterns of homicide as well as to examine what factors that could predict violent criminal careers. All questions are part of a larger aim to explain the persistency of the high violence rate in Scotland.



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The University of Edinburgh
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Flat 2, Law Research Annexe
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