Ringmichon Keishing

PhD Student

University of Stirling


Working Title of PhD: Human trafficking in the era of globalization: A rights- based approach to understanding the narratives of trafficked women in Manipur, India.

Year commenced PhD study: January 2019 Institution/Organisation: University of Stirling

Funding Source (if any): Indian Government Full or part-time: Full- time

PhD Supervisors: Dr. Niall Hamilton Smith and Dr. Paul Rigby

Synopsis of PhD: 

The research is on the study of human trafficking of women in India, particularly in the state of Manipur. The research seeks to identify and study the trend, underlying factors of the root causes responsible for human trafficking in the state of Manipur. In the second part, it will seek to understand and explore trafficked women’s lived experiences and their perspectives on human trafficking. In the third part, the research will try to understand the structures and dominant discourses of policies and practices of support towards the trafficked women. Here, the role of government and various organizations in addressing such crimes, their perspectives and how successful are they in helping the victims are some points to examine in this research. Finally, the research will examine to compare and contrast with those of policies and practices, drawing perspectives of trafficked women. The research aims to employ a qualitative and focus on the key informants using case studies and explored using in-depth interviews.



University of Stirling

University Of Stirling,
Colin Bell Building

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