Rebecca Foster

PhD Student


Working Title of PhD: Exploring the ‘pains of imprisonment’ out-with the prison: an ethnographic study of prisoners’ visitors at a Scottish Prison

Year commenced PhD study: 2013 (Full Time)
Organisation: University of Glasgow
Funding Provided by The Dawes Trust – Rebecca is a Dawes Scholar
PhD Supervisors: Dr Sarah Armstrong and Professor Michele Burman

Synopsis: The aim of this research is to explore the ‘pains of imprisonment’ experienced by the families of an incarcerated loved one, and in particular how these are undergone in the process of visiting.

It is hoped that in so doing, this study will deepen knowledge in this field, and will correct an imbalance in our understanding of prison as a punishment that primarily is inflicted on an individual defendant.

This research will involve conducting extensive ethnographic research at the Salvation Army Visitors’ Centre of HMP Edinburgh, which will be supplemented with a series of open ended interviews over the course of the study period.

You can read more about Rebecca’s research in the University of Glasgow’s Horizon magazine.

Keywords: Prisoners’ families; pains of imprisonment; prison visiting



Phone Number:
0141 330 6224

SCCJR, Ivy Lodge, 63 Gibson Street, Glasgow, G12 8LR

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