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University of Manchester


Russell’s most notable research and publishing has been completed with Rebecca Emerson Dobash. They have co-authored/edited eight internationally award winning books and over 100 articles and book chapters in the areas of domestic violence, gender, crime and homicide.

Russell’s first book, with R. Emerson Dobash, Violence Against Wives (1979), established the field of historically and socially contextualised domestic violence studies. Other books include: The Imprisonment of Women (1986), Women Viewing Violence  (1992), Women, Violence and Social Change  (1992), Penal Theory and Penal Practice: Traditions and Innovations (1994), Rethinking Violence Against Women (1998) and Changing Violent Men (2000).

Russell was co-winner of the World Congress of Victimology Award for Original Research and Publications in the area of Domestic Violence, the American Society of Criminology’s Distinguished Book Award for Comparative Research and the ASC’s August Vollmer Award and has been a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, Arizona State University and University of Melbourne.

Fellowships and research grants awarded from the: Carnegie Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, the Fulbright Foundation, the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Home Office, the Scottish Office and other government departments. He has served as research and policy advisor in Britain, Canada, USA and Australia, and worked with community groups in several countries.

The main focus of his research is violence and the policies and interventions relating to it.  Specific studies include the areas of violence against women; child sex abusers; evaluation of criminal justice based treatment programmes for violent men; bodybuilding, steroids and violence; and men’s and women’s responses to televised violence. With colleagues he recently completed the first national study of Murder in Britain, and recent publications focus on intimate partner murder and non-lethal violence against women.

 Keywords: Violence, sex offenders, murder, offender programmes


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