Prof Hector MacQueen

Professor of Private Law

University of Edinburgh


Hector has been a member of the Edinburgh Law School staff since 1979, having also taken his LLB and PhD at Edinburgh. Appointed to the Chair of Private Law in 1994, he was Dean of the Law School 1999-2003, and Dean of Research and Deputy Head of the College of Humanities and Social Science in the University 2004-2008. He has held visiting appointments at Cornell University in the USA and the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, and was Distinguished International Visiting Professor at Stetson University College of Law (‘Florida’s first law school’). He has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh since 1995 and was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 2006. In October 2008 he was elected Vice-President (Humanities) of the RSE for a three-year term.

His research and teaching focus on three major areas: (1) the history of law; (2) the private law of obligations; and (3) intellectual property. His work is generally centred on Scots law, but emphasises the significance of the comparative and especially the European context for a full understanding of the ‘mixed’ Scottish system and its future as well as its past development. It also argues that ‘mixed systems’ can help us understand the likely trajectory of European private law in the future.


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