Dr Albert Dzur

Professor of Political Science

Bowling Green State University


Albert’s training is in political theory, with an emphasis on citizen participation in complex organisations and formal institutions. He has written on the democratic dimensions and possibilities of the restorative justice movement in criminal justice, focusing in particular on the role and function of lay participation in existing restorative justice programs such as Vermont Reparative Probation, the place of public dialogue, and the linkages between criminal justice administrators, community organisations, and the broader public sphere.

His book Democratic Professionalism: Citizen Participation and the Reconstruction of Professional Ethics, Identity, and Practice (Penn State, 2008) develops a theoretical framework for understanding the challenges facing reformers in criminal justice seeking more participatory and restorative approaches.  His project “Routine Adventures in Popular Sovereignty: Democracy, Punishment, and the Jury” considers how more formal criminal justice institutions might encourage widespread participation that can educate and empower rather than merely voice unreflective and highly mediated expressions of public opinion, how, in other words democratic participation in formal institutions might serve as an antidote to the Anglo-American penal state.


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