Cecep Mustafa

PhD Student

University of Stirling


Working Title of PhD: Would Problem Solving Drug Court help to reduce the use of custodial sentencing in Indonesia?

Year commenced PhD study: 2014 Full time

Institution: University of Stirling

Fundied by: Indonesia Government

PhD Supervisors: Prof. Gill McIvor and Dr. Margaret Malloch

PhD Synopsis:

The aim of this research is to analyse whether Problem Solving Drug Courts would provide ways of reducing the use of custodial sentences for drug offenders in Indonesia. The research attempts to look at this issue in detail and in so doing question if Problem Solving Drug Courts would reduce the use of custodial sentences for drug offenders in Indonesia.

The methodology used was the literature review. The internet and library loan were used to obtain the sources. I plan to research by using documentary sources – information that already exists in journal articles: Urban Institute, Center Court Innovation, Center for Justice innovation, International Association for Drug Treatment Courts, David Wexler websites and Indonesian government documents; British Journal of Criminology; Secondly, this qualitative study is based on interviews with Judge who conducting and proceeding Drug Court in Glasgow. I will get access permission to Drug Court in Glasgow. The interviews were conducted in the Judge perspective. In this way, it was hoped that the Judge would be more open about their problems, hopes and possible solutions.

Keywords: therapeutic jurisprudence, problem solving drug court, custodial sentencing



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