Dr Andrew Wooff

Research Associate

Napier University


Andrew completed his PhD, titled Space, place and the policing of anti-social behaviour in rural Scotland,  in November 2014, and subsequently worked on the Good Police Custody Study, based at the Centre for Criminological Research at the University of Sheffield.

Keywords: Anti-social behaviour; policing; rural crime; police custody; research methodology


Wooff, A., (in press), ‘Relationships and responses: Policing anti-social behaviour in rural Scotland’, Journal of Rural Studies, 38 (Published 04/2015) available here: www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0743016714001181

Skinns, L., Wooff, A., Sprawson, A., (2015) ‘The ethics of researching the police: Dilemmas and new directions’, in Tong, S. and Martin, D. (Eds) Researching police: Taking lessons from Practice, Routledge

Skinns, L., Wooff, A., Sprawson, A., (under revision), ‘Developing a typology of police custody’, Policing and Society

Wooff, A., (under review), ‘Policing anti-social behavior in rural Scotland: The importance of context’, Policing: A journal of policy and practice

Skinns, L., Sprawson, A., Wooff, A., (under review), ‘The key dimensions of ‘good’ custody’, European Journal of Criminology Wooff, A., (under review) ‘The importance of context: Understanding the nature of ASB in rural Scotland’, in Donnermeyer, J. (Ed) International Handbook of Rural Criminology, Routledge


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