Michelle Waldron

Ph.D. student/Researcher

University of Stirling


Michelle Waldron is currently researching the experience of young offenders in the Scottish criminal justice system and their experience with education during incarceration. Michelle holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminology. And is currently a research student in the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Stirling as well as a teaching assistant supporting teaching within the criminology department.

Short Biography

Michelle is currently living in Scotland as an international Ph.D. student. She has a lifelong interest in crime and criminal justice as she was confronted with the perils of the juvenile justice system in America when her sibling was sent to prison as a teenager. Michelle has a keen interest in learning more about opportunities to support people in prison and understanding how post-incarceration if an individual can re-join society successfully. The theoretical framework of her research utilises transformative learning theory to determine if education during incarceration can result in a change to the way an individual thinks or acts and if education can be transformative. The research was undertaken at HMYOI Polmont, from November 2015-March 2016.



University of Stirling

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