Lambros Kaoullas

PhD student


Lambros completed his BA in Sociology & Criminology at the University of Essex, England, with a brief exchange period at the Universitetet i Bergen in Norway. He earned his MSc in Criminology & Criminal Justice at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Working title of PhD: Security Deficit, Communalisation of the Monopoly of Violence and Polity-Building in Cyprus during the 1963-64 Crisis

PhD Supervisors: Dr Alistair Henry & Dr Andy Aitchison

Synopsis: After a series of political imbroglios, exacerbated by the involution of external actors in the internal affairs of the nascent Republic of Cyprus (established in 1960, preceded by a national-liberation revolution), the constitutional arrangement between Greek and Turkish Cypriots collapsed. The crisis culminated violently in 1963-64 and the political, legal and institutional rearrangements of that crucial period left a lasting effect. My work explores the development of the security and defence structures of the Cypriot state in these turbulent post-colonial years, with a particular focus on the police, the National Guard and the paramilitary formations, focusing on their role in countering the security deficit and their contribution in polity-building. In the process I have developed a novel theoretical approach to analyse conflictual situations in new states, or states-in-transition, and understand societal feelings of security and insecurity. Similarly, I develop concepts and typologies for the understanding of civil-police and civil-military relations, with a particular focus on paramilitarism and the cultural factors that contribute to its emergence, including phenomena such as volunteerism and vigilantism. I research the “chaotic security structures” of transitional periods between a violent crisis and the return to peaceful normality with a keen interest on the recruitment of new police and military personnel out of former revolutionaries.

Research Keywords: Police and policing, paramilitary formations, Cyprus problem



School of Law
University of Edinburgh
Old College, South Bridge

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