Julie Berg

Lecturer in Criminology

University of Glasgow


Prior to joining SCCJR in January 2018 Julie was an Associate Professor in the Public Law Department and the Director of the Institute for Safety Governance and Criminology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Julie’s research interests include: innovations in security governance, collaborative policing and policing networks, community safety, as well as issues of legitimacy, accountability and democratic security for the public good. She has also been actively involved in developing design principles for effective and accountable security governance, based on her research. Through this, Julie has made a number of policy contributions towards developing frameworks and guides for better safety and security in South Africa. Julie is currently involved in an international project exploring the role of non-state actors in the provision of policing for a public good – particularly the role of private security in providing security equitably and in line with the public interest. Her future research focus will continue her exploration of the nature of polycentric security governance arrangements, specifically the authority and legitimacy of these arrangements, as well as their role in public goods provision.


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University of Glasgow

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