Janos Mark Szakolczai


University of Glasgow


Janos Mark Szakolczai is a Hungarian criminologist with a background in sociology and philosophy.  Born in London, he was formed in Ireland and worked in Italy until joining as a lecturer at the University of Glasgow in 2021. His doctoral research interest lays in the cultural dynamics of everyday secretive conducts, analysing elements of invisible ‘deviance’ and technological seduction/induction to crime. He has written on secret surveillance; normalization of deviance; genealogy of private space, and war rhetoric during COVID-19. He has also published three fiction novels and short stories both in English and Italian.

Finally, he has a personal interest in anthropology and travel writing, as well as cave art and prehistoric societies and community. Any ‘off topic’ research and conversation in these fields is always welcome.

Research interests include:

  • Surveillance, biopolitics  and social control mechanism, particularly in relation to smart/automated technology and ‘onlife’ ecology
  • Mediums, mediation and language of crime, focusing on novel apparatuses of security and legitimisation 
  • Sociology of Secrecy & secretive conduct, which is a central theme of his doctoral thesis
  • Covert technology  & Obfuscation as forms of resistance and internet  ‘noise’
  • Sociocultural dynamics of urban Public space and private vice
  • Digital/hybrid ethnography (offlife research methods) and genealogical research



University of Glasgow

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