Dr. Jamie Buchan

Lecturer in Criminology

Edinburgh Napier University



Jamie is interested in the sociology of punishment, particularly as applied to penal policy in post-devolutionary Scotland; with Scotland as his focus, but an eye to the international context, Jamie has researched community penalties, restorative justice and local interagency partnerships. Jamie tries to apply and develop sociological theory while remaining attentive to procedural and institutional nuance. His PhD at Edinburgh used Bourdieusian sociological theory – particularly the concept of the ‘penal field’ – to analyse reforms to Scottish community justice under the 2016 Community Justice (Scotland) Act. During this time he also worked occasionally for Lothian and Borders Community Justice Authority (CJA); he has since become a member of the Academic Advisory Group for Community Justice Scotland (set up under the 2016 Act, which also replaced the CJAs).

Subsequently to this, he has worked with colleagues on projects looking at the provision of restorative justice in Scotland, inspired by Scottish policy ambitions to make restorative justice available widely. He has also done a little work on the special constabulary in Scotland, and on Scotland’s position with respect to the European Probation Rules.

Most recently, he is Principal Investigator on a UKRI-funded project on the effects of Covid-19 on local interagency partnership working.

Recent publications

Buchan, J., Nogales, C., Wooff, A. and Morrison, K. (2021). Locked Down, Locked Out? Local Partnership Resilience in the Covid-19 Pandemic – A Report on Interim Findings. Available open access at: https://www.napier.ac.uk/research-and-innovation/research-search/outputs/locked-down-locked-out-local-partnership-resilience-in-the-covid-19-pandemic-a-report

Morrison, K., Buchan, J. and Wooff, A. (2021) The Criminal Justice System in Scotland. In Case et al. (eds.) The Oxford Textbook on Criminology, online chapter available free at: https://learninglink.oup.com/access/case2e-student-resources#tag_all-chapters.Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Maglione, G., Buchan, J. and Robertson, L. (2020) The Local Provision of Restorative Justice in Scotland: an Exploratory Empirical Study. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, advance online access. Available open access at https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10610-020-09470-3.


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