Hugo Manuel Santinhos Pereira

PhD Student

University of Stirling


Working Title of PhD: Killing Time – The Criminogenic Aspects of Boredom

Year commenced PhD study: 2013 (Part-Time)

PhD Supervisors: Gillian McIvor and William Munro


My research seeks to address a gap in criminology theory by studying the criminogenic aspects of boredom via investigating the association between boredom and transgression framed within a cultural criminology perspective. Since boredom is intimately connected to the concept of meaning (or lack thereof), the main path of this research will be to explore the interplay between boredom with the concept of identity whilst looking at transgressions as meaning making processes.

This research will be anchored on a qualitative research strategy and grafted into a narrative inquiry methodology. The use of in-depth, qualitative interviews will be employed. The aim is to allow the respondent to provide a stream of consciousness regarding the event(s). Concerning the collection and analysis of the data, I will follow the Free Association Narrative Interviewing (FANI) method which consists of asking the interviewee to recall anything that comes to mind, even if it is not directly relevant to the event.

Therefore the goal of my project is twofold: to understand the genesis and the dynamics of boredom-triggered transgressions, whilst increasing the criminology body of knowledge.


Boredom, Meaning-Making, Transgression



University of Stirling

Colin Bell Building
University of Stirling
Stirling FK9 4LA, Scotland

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