Dr George Walters-Sleyon

University of Edinburgh


Working Title of PhD: Punishment, Mass Incarceration and Death in US and UK Prisons (submitted)

Year commenced PhD study: 2015
Institution: University of Edinburgh
Full or part-time: Full time
PhD Supervisors: Dr David Grumett and Dr Richard Sparks

Synopsis: My research is a theo-criminal justice comparative analysis of the United States and the United Kingdom’s penal systems. It explores penal policies and practices on punishment, mass imprisonment and the conditions of “death” associated with the turns to penal harshness in the penal cultures of the US and the UK. As a focus in the area of comparative criminology, my research also provides a historical and modern investigation of the salient roles of prison chaplains in the US and the UK penal systems.

As interdisciplinary research, the theo-criminal justice comparative approach draws on the humanities, the social sciences, criminology and criminal justice to explore the penal cultures of the United States and the United Kingdom. It is fundamentally descriptive, interpretive and prescriptive.

Website: www.georgewalterssleyon.com


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University of Edinburgh

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