Emma E Forbes

PhD student


Working Title of PhD: The Challenge of Criminalisation: Perception and Reality for Victims of Domestic Abuse

Year commenced PhD study: 2015
Institution: University of Glasgow
Funding source: College of Social Sciences Scholarship
PhD Supervisors: Professor Michele Burman and Dr Oona Brooks

Synopsis: This research examines the evolving role of the victim in the court process, with particular focus on women who have experienced domestic abuse. With collaborative support from Scottish Women’s Aid and ASSIST advocacy service, the research will largely comprise qualitative interview data from victims of domestic abuse, those who support them and justice practitioners.  These will be combined with a contextual analysis of the Scottish approach to domestic abuse, in the form of a thematic time-line.  The ultimate aim of the research is to consider individual victims’ responses and experiences of the criminal trial alongside the campaigns on their behalf and the state response; and to present a new model for the place of victims of gender abuse within the court process.

Keywords: Domestic abuse, victims and court process.



Ivy Lodge
63 Gibson Street
G12 8LR

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