Dr Susan Batchelor

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

University of Glasgow


Dr Susan Batchelor is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow, based in the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research. She is a very experienced youth researcher and research manager, with previous projects including: young people’s attitudes towards sexual violence (Zero Tolerance), girls’ views and experiences of violence (ESRC), teenage sexuality and the media (HEBS), young women sentenced to custody for violent offending (ESRC), risk assessment and risk management of children and young people involved in offending behaviour (RMA), alcohol and domestic abuse (RCA), youth gangs and knife carrying (Scottish Government), youth violence in Scotland (Scottish Government) and an evaluation of the Time for Change young women’s project (Up-to-us). The majority of Susan’s academic publications relate to young women as victims and perpetrators of violence and this research has been cited in numerous policy documents, as well as being featured in press articles, television programmes and radio broadcasts. She has made invited contributions to the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee inquiry into female offenders (2009) and the Home Office roundtable event on female perpetrators and victims of gang violence (2012), and is currently a member of the Scottish Government Vulnerable Girls and Young Women Champions Group.

Susan’s current research activity revolves around intersecting issues of youth, culture, globalisation and social change. She is currently leading an ESRC-funded study of youth leisure in Scotland and Hong Kong, as well as contributing to wider SCCJR research on sectarianism in Scotland.

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(Re)Imagining Youth website: http://reimaginingyouth.wordpress.com


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Batchelor, S. A. (2018) In the footsteps of a quiet pioneer: Revisiting Pearl Jephcott’s work on youth leisure in Scotland and Hong Kong. Women’s History Review,(doi:10.1080/09612025.2018.1472893) (Early Online Publication)

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Fraser, A., Burman, M., Batchelor, S. and McVie, S. (2010) Youth violence in Scotland: a literature review.  Scottish Government, Edinburgh.


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