Dr Paul Norris

Lecturer in Social Policy


Paul is a lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh. He was previously a Research Fellow at SCCJR (May 2007 – July 2009) working as part of the CJ-Quest network. He was awarded his PhD in 2009 for a thesis which focused on the relationship between an individual’s social surroundings and their preferences for policing.

His research interests revolve around the statistical analysis of large-scale data sets such as the Scottish Crime and Victim Survey. He has a particular interest in the use of latent variable techniques, such as trajectory analysis of longitudinal data and latent class cluster analysis. Additionally, he has knowledge of the use of event history analysis and survival analysis to analyse longitudinal data and an interest in the use of multilevel modelling to link individuals’ actions and attitudes to their social context. In addition, he has an interest in international comparative criminology, in particular, the relationship between welfare provision, political institutions and patterns of crime.

Selected publications

Hough, M. and Norris, P. (2009) “Comparisons Between Survey Estimates of Crime and Crimes Recorded By The Police: The UK Position”, in Robert, P (ed) Comparing Crime Data in Europe. Brussels: VUBpress.

Norris, P (2007) “Public Order Expenditure Across Industrialised Countries” in Castles, F (ed), The Disappearing State?, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar

McVie, S and Norris P (2006) “The Effect Of Neighbourhood Perceptions On Adolescent Property Crime“. Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime Report. Edinburgh: School of Law (University of Edinburgh)

McVie, S and Norris, P (2006) “Neighbourhood Effects On Youth Delinquency And Drug Use“. Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime Report. Edinburgh: School of Law (University of Edinburgh)


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