Dr Oona Brooks-Hay

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University of Glasgow


Dr Oona Brooks-Hay is a Reader in Criminology at the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (Sociology), University of Glasgow. She has developed her interest in gender-based violence as an academic and a practitioner over the past 20 years and recently co-edited a book titled, Domestic Abuse: Contemporary Challenges and Innovative Practices.  She is currently conducting research on frontline responses to domestic abuse in Europe as part of the IMPRODOVA project, and researching the impact of Covid-19 measures on survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence as part of a CSO funded study called Scotland in Lockdown. Oona is also working on a creative project titled, Justice Journeys: Survivor Stories, representing rape and sexual assault victim-survivor experiences of the Scottish criminal justice system.

Oona is the founder of the University of Glasgow Gender Based Violence Research Forum and she is a member of the British Sociological Association Violence Against Women Study Group, the European Society of Criminology Working Group on Gender, Crime and Justice, and the European Network on Gender Violence. She is also an Associate Editor for the journal Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Oona was awarded the inaugural Corinna Seith prize for best paper by Women Against Violence Europe.



Brooks-Hay, O., Burman, M. and McFeely, C. (eds.) (2018) Domestic Abuse: Contemporary Perspectives and Innovative Practices. Edinburgh: Dunedin Academic Press.

Book chapters:

Burman, M. and Brooks-Hay, O. (2020) Feminist framings of victim advocacy in criminal justice contexts. In: Tapley, J. and Davies, P. (eds.) Victimology: Research, Policy and Activism. Palgrave Macmillan: Cham, pp. 135-157. ISBN 9783030422875 (doi:10.1007/978-3-030-42288-2_6)

Brooks, O. (2018) ‘Young Women’s Responses to Safety Advice in Bars and Clubs: Implications for Future Prevention Campaigns’, in N. Lombard (Ed.) Routledge Handbook of Gender and Violence.

Brooks, O. (2014) ‘The interplay between power and reflexivity in the feminist research process’, in K. Lumsden and A. Winter (eds.) Reflexivity in Criminological Research: Experiences with the Powerless and the Powerful. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmilllan.

Brooks, O. (2013) ‘Gendered Freedoms and Constraints for Young Women Socialising in Bars and Clubs’, in T. Blackshaw (Ed.) Routledge Handbook of Leisure Studies. Oxon: Routledge.

Journal articles:

Williamson, E., Lombard, N. and Brooks-Hay, O. (2020) Domestic violence and abuse, coronavirus, and the media narrative. Journal of Gender-Based Violence, 4(2), pp. 289-294. (doi: 10.1332/239868020×15893043718030) (PMID:32934437) (PMCID:PMC7483056)

Brooks-Hay, O. (2020) Doing the “right thing”? Understanding why rape victim-survivors report to the police. Feminist Criminology, 15(2), pp. 174-195. (doi: 10.1177/1557085119859079)

Brooks-Hay, O. (2020) Doing the “right thing”? Understanding why rape victim-survivors report to the police. Feminist Criminology, 15(2), pp. 174-195. (doi: 10.1177/1557085119859079)

Burman, M. and Brooks-Hay, O. (2018) Aligning policy and law? The creation of a domestic abuse offence incorporating coercive control. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 18(1), pp. 67-83. (doi:10.1177/1748895817752223)

Brooks-Hay, O. and Lombard, N. (2018) ‘Home game’: domestic abuse and football; the role of research in policy and practice. Journal of Gender-Based Violence, 2(1), pp. 93-108. (doi:10.1332/239868018X15155986580769

Brooks, O. and Burman, M. (2017) Reporting rape: victim perspectives on advocacy support in the criminal justice process. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 17(2), pp. 209-225. (doi:10.1177/1748895816667996)

Brooks, O. (2014) Interpreting young women’s accounts of drink spiking: the need for a gendered understanding of the fear and reality of sexual violence. Sociology, 48(2), pp. 300-316. (doi:10.1177/0038038512475108)

Brooks, O. (2011) ‘Guys! Stop doing it!’: young women’s adoption and rejection of safety advice when socializing in bars, pubs and clubs. British Journal of Criminology, 51(4), pp. 635-651. (doi:10.1093/bjc/azr011)


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