Dr Niall Hamilton-Smith

Associate Director, SCCJR

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

University of Stirling


Niall joined SCCJR in 2007 with his appointment to a Criminology post at the University of Stirling. He previously worked at the Home Office, where he was a senior research officer in the policing research programme. Niall’s recent research activity has centered on the local impacts of organised crime, and developing harm-based measures of organised crime activity. Principally, he has worked with colleagues in SCCJR, the Scottish Government, and in the Scottish police service on a range of projects that have aimed to develop methodologies, both for better assessing and mapping organised crime threats, as well as for evaluating subsequent law enforcement responses. Niall has also worked on a number of recent projects looking at the policing of offensive behavior and hate speech, notably through projects related to the policing of sectarianism in Scotland. Prior to this, his research focused on acquisitive crime reduction techniques, local community policing, community safety and partnership working. Niall is an associate director of SCCJR, as well as being an associate of the Scottish Institute for Policing Research.

Current projects:
Niall has recently published, with Ali Fraser and other SCCJR colleagues, a Scottish Government commissioned report on the community impact of organised crime. He is currently continuing with some follow-on activity extending from this project.



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University of Stirling

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