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Liz Frondigoun is a lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University, where she contributes to the teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in Sociology and Criminology. She currently is Director of Studies for 2 doctoral studies: one examining the role of Community Police and another examining the legal barriers faced by women from ethnic minority backgrounds who are victims of domestic violence but have no recourse to public funds; and 2nd supervisor on a third which is examining the socio/legal issues of the recently introduced sectarian legislation in relation to football. Her main research interests are in the fields of policing, policy, and violence: ASB and youth violence, work-related violence, alternatives to imprisonment, gender and ethnicity, in which she has researched for a number of years.


Violence, Policing, Youth Justice/Policy, Gender and Ethnicity, Alternatives to Imprisonment, Organisational Violence.

Relevant Publications:

2013 Smith, R. & Frondigoun L. Tackling the Illicit Commercial Exploitation of Children off Campus – A Case Study. Dundee: Scottish Institute for Policing Research. http://www.sipr.ac.uk/downloads/Child_exploitation.pdf

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Frondigoun, L., Smith, R. & McLeod, I. Police at School: from suspicion to success. Article in The Conversation. http://theconversation.com/police-at-school-from-suspicion-to-success-15349

Frondigoun, L. Policing of young people and their attitudes towards alcohol. Glasgow: Glasgow Caledonian University. (forthcoming).

Frondigoun, L. with Neilson, J. Managing Offenders – Doing Things Differently: An Evaluation of Glasgow Community & Safety Services Offender Management Programme. Glasgow: Glasgow Caledonian University.

Frondigoun, L. Smith, R. & McLeod, I. The Scottish Campus Officer Past, Present and Future. Glasgow: Glasgow Caledonian University in partnership with Robert Gordon University, The Scottish Institute for Policing Research and the Violence Reduction Unit. http://www.sipr.ac.uk/downloads/Scottish_Campus_Officer.pdf

Frondigoun, L., Social Science Student Community Engagement. Article included in the 2nd Edition of the Inspirational Guide for the Implementation of PRME.

Johnson, K., Frondigoun, L. & Jones, H. ‘While you were sleeping: Realising the dream of international collaborative teaching’. ELiSS Volume 5, Issue 1, April 2013. http://journals.heacademy.ac.uk/doi/abs/10.11120/elss.2013.05010009

2012 Frondigoun, L. Enhanced Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences Journal (ELiSS): A Review. York: Higher Education Academy.

Davidson, N. & Frondigoun, L. An evaluation of the ‘Positive Futures Programme’. Glasgow: Glasgow Caledonian University. http://www.sipr.ac.uk/downloads/PFP_Report.pdf

Frondigoun, L. Methodological and conceptual challenges for evaluating community-based alternatives to imprisonment. Howard League Postgraduate e-journal. ECAN Bulletin, Issue 10, July 2011. http://d19ylpo4aovc7m.cloudfront.net/fileadmin/howard_league/user/pdf/Research/ECAN/ECAN_Bulletin_10.pdf

2011 2011 Frondigoun, L., Dorrer, N. & Morrison, S. Evaluation of the Turnaround Service. Glasgow: Glasgow Caledonian University.

Smith, R. & Frondigoun, L. Tackling Youth Gang Issues on Campus- A Case Study. Dundee: Scottish Institute for Policing Research. http://www.sipr.ac.uk/downloads/Practice_Notes/Campus_Officer_1.pdf Frondigoun, L. QAA Enhancement Themes on Employability and Research-Teaching Linkages requested case study material regarding the Community Links Module.

Frondigoun, L. & Jones, H. Learning together: Designing Effective E-classrooms. International Journal of Innovation and Learning (ILIL) Vol 1, 3rd Issue 2011. (ISSN 1471-8197) http://inderscience.metapress.com/content/l208p17m741l5048/?p=c8c26c0d33e442ae82c5db235154d486&pi=0




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