Dr Kirstin Anderson

Research Programme Designer, Scottish Prison Service


Kirstin is a research programme designer at the Scottish Prison Service College, where she develops learning materials and delivers courses for staff working with women and young people in custody. She is interested in the role of arts in prisons and professional development for prison staff. Kirstin’s most recent work with the SCCJR, in collaboration with the Scottish Prison Service, took place in 2014 to explore the role of prison in supporting prisoners to desist from crime and address what this means in real terms for the prison regime, prison officer roles and working practices in the Scottish Prison Service.

Kirstin has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. Her thesis, Music Education and Experience in Scottish Prisons, contributes to the developing research on the benefits of arts provision in prisons and for prisoners. She has taught courses in Music and in Philosophy in many prisons throughout Scotland since 2008 including HMPYOI Polmont, HMP Barlinnie, HMP Low Moss and HMP Glenochil. Kirstin has presented at music, education and criminology conferences and events in Scotland, England, Cyprus, Canada, Northern Ireland and Norway. Her research is published in many journals including The International Journal of Community Music, The Prison Service Journal and the Howard Journal of Criminal Justice.

Relevant Publications

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Scottish Prison Service College
Newlands Road

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