Dr Karen Lumsden

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Karen is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Loughborough University. Although her background lies in sociology, her research interests overlap with criminology and she is particularly interested in car crime, anti-social behaviour, youth, subcultures, gender, policing, control and regulation of urban space, and research methods.

She was previously a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Sociology at the University of Abertay. She completed a PhD at the University of Aberdeen which was a qualitative study of the ‘boy racer’ culture in Aberdeen and the related societal reaction to their behaviour. The thesis was concerned with the internal dynamics of the ‘racer’ culture (including gender, social class, the various rituals engaged in by participants, public performances, internal and external conflict, and forms of ‘deviant’ or ‘anti-social’ behaviour engaged in by participants). It also analysed the public reaction to ‘boy racers’ vis-à-vis the outside groups. This included the local community, media, police, and politicians. Prior to the PhD Karen completed a Masters in Social Research and a MA in Sociology at the University of Aberdeen.

Her current research interests centre on the policing and regulation of motorists and the public highways, and the framing of this in the context of the media and popular culture.


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