Dr Hazel Cameron

Lecturer, University of St Andrews


Hazel’s area of research expertise is the Great Lakes Region of Africa. Her main research interests include state crime; external institutional bystanders and international criminal law; state and corporate complicity in genocide, war crime and crimes against humanity; intersection of criminality and the extractive industries in the DRC; and Rwandan State violence.

Hazel was awarded her Doctorate at the University of Liverpool in December 2009 and took up post as Lecturer in International Relations at the University of St Andrews, where she is affiliated to the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Hazel has written a monograph of her doctoral research titled Britain’s Hidden Role in the Rwandan Genocide, which is a systematic and detailed socio-legal analysis of the policies of the British Government towards civil unrest in Rwanda throughout the 1990s, culminating in genocide in 1994.


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