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Dr Gavin Slade

Lecturer in Legacies of Communism, University of Glasgow


Gavin studies social order and criminal justice with a particular interest in post-Soviet countries. He published a book in 2013 with Oxford University Press entitled Re-organizing Crime: Mafia and Anti-Mafia in Post-Soviet Georgia. He has published in primarily in criminological journals: the British Journal of Criminology, Theoretical Criminology, Law and Society Review and Punishment and Society among others. He has worked with nongovernmental and governmental bodies and produced reports on human rights abuse and prison reform in the post-Soviet context. He is currently working on a comparative case study of prison reform and social relations in prison in that region, as well as papers on policing and prison gangs in an international perspective.

Research Keywords: Organized crime, prison, reform, post-Soviet, policing, violence

List of relevant publications

Slade G. 2015. ‘Violence as Information during Prison Reform: Evidence from the Post-Soviet Region’ British Journal of Criminology. (Ahead of print doi: 10.1093/bjc/azv085)

Piacentini L. & Slade G. 2015. ‘Architecture and Attachment: Carceral Collectivism and the Problem of Prison Reform in Russia and Georgia.’ Theoretical Criminology. 19: 179-197

Slade G. & Light M. 2015. ‘Crime and Criminal Justice after Communism: Why Study the Post-Soviet Region?’ Theoretical Criminology: Special Edition. 19: 147-158

Slade, G., 2015. ‘Criminology of Mafias.’ In: James D. Wright (ed), International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition, Vol 14. Oxford: Elsevier. pp. 429–434.

Bosworth M. & Slade G. 2014. ‘In Search of Recognition: Gender and Staff-Detainee Relationships in a British Immigration Removal Centre’ Punishment & Society 16/2: 169-186

Tangiashvili N. & Slade G. 2014. ‘Zero Tolerance Schooling: Education Policy, Crime and Democracy in Post-Soviet Georgia’ Post-Soviet Affairs 30/5 416-440

Slade G. 2013. Reorganizing Crime: Mafia and Anti-Mafia in Post-Soviet Georgia (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

Slade G. 2012. ‘No Country for Made Men: the Decline of the Mafia in Post-Soviet Georgia.’ Law and Society Review 46/3 623-649

Slade, G. 2012. ‘Georgia’s War on Crime: Creating Security in a post-Revolutionary Context.’ European Security 21/1 37-56



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