Dr Catherine Davidones

Teaching Assistant/module co-coordinator

University of Stirling


PhD Title: A Study looking at the Governance of Community Safety Partnerships in Scotland.

This research thesis focused on the concept of partnership working by looking at the governance of community safety in Scotland; principally through Community Planning/Community Safety Partnerships during a period of significant public sector reform. Using a case study approach – data was obtained during a twelve month period principally through 50 semi-structured qualitative interviews with key stakeholders and 9 non-participant observations of partnership meetings within three distinct localities; and analysis of secondary data (policy documents).

Drawing on theories around governance/partnership working, power and social capital: key themes began to emerge around tensions between central and local policy; power differentials within partnerships – relating to organisational culture and resource dependency; fiscal retrenchment and the de-prioritisation of community safety; Police reform and the impact on localism; and accountability issues relating to participatory democracy, blurred boundaries, and local communities within the governance of community safety. This thesis concludes that despite the rhetoric of localism within local governance reform – local communities/local government have less voice/power compared to central government, in relation to the governance of community safety, and in relation to police reform.

Keywords: Policing, police reform, partnership working, governance, community safety, crime prevention, criminal justice policy, third party policing.

List of relevant publications:

Hamilton-Smith, N. MacKenzie, S. Henry, A. Davidones, C. (2013) ‘Community policing and reassurance: Three studies, one narrative’, Criminology and Criminal Justice, May 2013

Frondigoun, L. and Davidones, C. with Nicholson, J. (2010) ‘Tackling Youth Offending and Violence: Intensive Policing and/or Dispersal Orders’, Report for Strathclyde Police, Available online: http://www.sipr.ac.uk/downloads/Youth_offending_2010.pdf




University of Stirling

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