Deborah Kyle

Researcher, Justice Analytical Services, Scottish Government


Working Title of PhD: A study of patterns of sexual offending and re-offending

Year commenced PhD study: 2013  (Full-time) University of Glasgow

Funding Source: ESRC – Advanced Quantitative Methods workstream.

PhD Supervisors: Professor Fergus McNeill and Professor Susan McVie


My research aims to use empirical quantitative data to examine patterns of desistance amongst those who have committed sexual crime, and to look at these in the context of the theory of desistance both for sexual crimes and other offences. I intend to do this using survival analysis (“time-to-event”, or in this case time to re-offence), a type of regression analysis which allows for time dependency and censoring, i.e. for those who have not re-offended up until the point of data collection. I hope that this data will add to our understanding of why some offenders go on to commit further crimes and some do not, and if there are any patterns within this complex group of individuals. The ultimate aim of this research is to identify areas in which we can reduce levels of re-offending amongst sex offenders.

Keywords: Desistance, sexual offending, survival analysis.

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