Davide Mattarello

Phd Student

University of Stirling


Working Title of PhD: Understanding cross-cultural negotiation during crisis situation, a qualitative research.

Year commenced PhD study: 2020

Institution/Organisation: University of Stirling

Full or part-time: Full Time

PhD Supervisors: Niall Hamilton-Smith and William Munro

Synopsis of PhD

The goal of this project is to understand how cross-cultural communication influences the negotiation in crisis situation like kidnappings and suicide attempts. Dealing with this kind of events is very problematic, but often this scenario is even more complicated due to the different cultural backgrounds between the two main actors on the scene, the perpetrator, and the negotiator.

In order to improve the operator’s effectiveness, it is important to realize the reasons that push individuals of a certain culture towards a determinate behaviour from their own words.

The two main research questions are:
What reaction does the negotiator’s communication structure cause, and why?
How they should interact with the subject in order to reach a peaceful solution to the event, and why?

To answer these questions, two main research tools will be used, questionnaires and focus groups.

In the questionnaires we will present some realistic scenarios that will help us to understand how the different cultural background affects the communicative relationship. The scenarios will be realistic but
they will not concern crisis situations. After the survey, the results will be discussed through focus groups. To ensure a coherent and profitable development of each focus group, these will be carried out by selecting the participants based on their cultural origins.

Questionnaires and focus groups are complementary to each other and they help us to reach a deeper understanding of the situation.



University of Stirling

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